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INContext 3(1)


Dear fellow researchers,

We are delighted to present our fifth issue of INContext: Studies in Translation and Interculturalism, the spring issue of 2023.

A unique international and interdisciplinary journal that pushes the boundaries of language-related studies forward, INContext promotes the convergence of translation and interpreting (T&I) and cultural studies. 

Published on April 30, 2023, INContext 3(1) presents articles covering a diverse spectrum of topics. The special article for this issue examines the reception of British media in Korea and of Korean media in the UK, proposing a convergence of film, fan, and translation studies in the interest of cultural exchange.

Other T&I articles touch upon various issues, including the effects on interpreter interactions, professional identities, and cooperation posed by a fully remote interpreting regime; an innovative translation model, named TARE, based on reverse engineering; and a corpus-based study on the different approaches to the use of italics in authoring and translating Korean literature.

On the cultural side, we present a study on Japanese hanga and manga in a socio-cultural context, an examination of cultural interactions between South Korea and other countries, and an extensive overview of the history of Uzbek contemporary fine art and the issue of national identity. 

We hope the thought-provoking studies presented in this issue can help inspire your research. As always, we appreciate your continuing interest and support, and INContext welcomes insightful manuscript submissions throughout the year (


Editorial Board, INContext